Dec 08 2010

A few things…

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have happened since I last posted.  And, in the interest of time, (both mine and yours) let’s make this brief, and call it:

The Top Five Things that Happened to Me in 2009/2010.

1.  We bought a house.

View from said house.

2.  We went to China.

If you dont recognize this landmark...  well I dont know what to say.

3.  I got pregnant.

Living Large.

4.  I had a baby.

Sad, newborn, wrinkly Preston

5.  I got a new job.

Hm.  No photo for that last one.

Yep.  I think those are the big ones.  So, consider yourselves all caught up in the Life of Hayley in less than five minutes.  Yay!  (Hey, gotta streamline my life now that I have a rug rat.)

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